Monday, December 18, 2006

Conference on Denial of “Holocaust Denial Conference”

CHISINAU, MoldovaWhite supremacists, anti-Zionist orthodox Jews, and hardliner Iranians were angered by an announcement earlier today by the Prime Minister of Moldova that his country will be hosting a conference inquiring whether the Holocaust Denial Conference hosted in Iran last week ever happened. Mr. Vasile Tarley, the head of state of the obscure eastern European country located next to Ukraine, hailed the conference as a landmark event in history that will culminate in the dissolution of Denial Conferences in the fashion of the Soviet Union. “I am quite aware of the amount of controversy that this will generate in certain intellectual circles, but there is no conclusive evidence that this so-called ‘Holocaust Denial Conference’ ever occurred. Once we’ve exposed this glaring historical farces, Denial Conferences will finally come to an end! . . . Unless of course, we choose to host some more of our own Denial Conferences on Denial Conferences. That’s okay though, because it’s not really a Denial Conference . . . it’s a double-negative you see . . . it makes perfect sense if you look at this flow chart,” he stammered.

A clearly agitated reporter from Iran hammered the Prime Minister with questions. “What do you mean there was no conference? I was there! I wrote articles that were published in at least twelve different newspapers!” he blurted out incredulously.

Mr. Tarley dismissed these claims and many others immediately, scoffing “These are all fabrications. This conference was nothing but a hoax. Those articles were nothing but a hoax. In fact, YOU’RE nothing but a hoax!” He proceeded to close his eyes, cross his arms across his chest, and began chanting “You’re not really here. You’re not really here. Na-na-na-boo-boo. I don’t see you.”

The adamant reporter refused to give up and held up pictures that showed him at the conference along with Iranian President Ahmedinajad. He said “Look at these! I was totally there! I got freaking wasted there!” The picture showed a young man passed out on the floor with the words “I'm extremely gay" written across his forehead along with a mustache and goatee drawn in permanent black marker.

The Prime Minister persisted in his state of denial “Those pictures look fake, they’re probably photoshopped. That’s not even Ahmedinajad. That could be anybody. If you fold the picture in half, then flip it upside down, the image gets subverted into the twin towers burning. There was never an “Ahmedinajad” nor was their ever a conference! Free your mind. There is no spoon!”

In addition to well-known Israelis and Americans who desire tough sanctions against Iran for its nuclear weapons development program, the conference is expected to attract an awkward crowd of misfits such as Iranians who denied that the conference occurred even though they personally attended it. The conference will also be attended by 15th century Spanish conquistadors who will go so far as to declare that Iran itself does not exist. Their leader, a man named Christopher Columbus was earlier reported to have created a group on the popular networking website Facebook called “We’ve Discovered The New World!” which contained the following statement: “For many a year, our sturdy ships were checked across the seas by the dastardly Turks and were denied our Christian right to India’s spice routes. By the mercy of the Lord, after months of sailing on unknown rough waters, we came across this fair land and intend to colonize it for our Noble King and his Fair Queen. For glory, God, and gold, I say.”

Colin Powell will be attending the second day of the conference, but his concern is not whether the Holocaust Denial Conference occurred, but merely to reiterate his earlier opinion that Saddam Hussein still has weapons of mass destruction. In a special phone interview with Mox News Flash, he told us “I stand by my presentation at the United Nations several years ago. Even though these so-called weapons experts claim that there are no weapons of mass destruction, we know they’re there. I have an insider source who told me it was Colonel Mustard, in the Kitchen, with a WMD. All we need to do is locate this Colonel Mustard character and find his kitchen, and we’re guaranteed to find these missing WMD’s.”

We tried contacting Mr. Ahmedinijad from Iran, but we were told he was too busy working on a counter-denial conference of the Denial Conference on Iran’s Holocaust Denial Conference.


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