Friday, December 01, 2006

Shaikhs On a Plane!

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota - US Airways was pleased to announce that six Muslim Imams have won a secret lottery prize today. Joe Goebbels, spokesman for the airlines, read an official statement from the company where he announced that six, count them six, Muslim imams were lucky enough to win a secret racial raffle. The statement declared that the Imams had not been pulled off the flight because they were flying while Muslim, but because each one of them had won a secret and completely random raffle game and it was out of sheer coincidence that all of the winners of this “special lottery” were Muslim.

Mr. Goebbels said “I was really excited when we found out that all six winners of our secret raffle were Muslim. Muslims are often racially profiled at airports by bigoted scumbags who can’t tell the difference between terrorists and moderates. This prize will do a great job at telling the world that US Airways does not condone racism and bigotry in any way, shape, or form. Seriously though, those people who engage in racial profiling of Muslims based on nothing but physical appearances and misinterpreting practices such as prayers are complete morons. We strongly feel that only idiots with brains the size of peas would do such a thing.” Mr. Goebbels passionately began criticizing those that engage in such practices “Damn, what kind of lamoid tools could possibly even think of engaging in such blatant stereotyping? I can’t fathom how such people could be so narrow-minded and stupid to make such generalized conclusions about the adherents to a faith that has over 1,600,000,000 devotees, that’s one in six people on the face of the earth folks! In fact, perhaps the reason why all of the winners of our secret raffle were Muslim is because there are so many friggen Muslims in the world! It just boggles the mind how people could take the actions of a few thousand terrorists and apply them to over 1,600,000,000 Muslims! That’s less than 1% for crying out loud!!! Man, am I glad that our company isn’t retarded like that and would NEVER EVER even CONTEMPLATE engaging in such gross violations of human rights for a people that make up a huge portion of the human race and have made contributions in every single field of knowledge, including, but not limited to astronomy, mathematics, physics, philosophy, navigation, literature, sociology, and economics. Man, that stuff pisses me off.” Visibly shaken for his sympathies of a minority that has been targeted and abused, Mr. Goebels paused for a moment to contain his emotions before continuing. “I can’t believe some people misinterpreted our actions as being based on race and religion.” He rolled his eyes as he continued “Only a completely competent and drug-free mind would come up with such a dumb conclusion.”

The winners of this purported “secret special raffle” were lucky enough to be the first picks for a “secret special draft”. The Imams were not going to be drafted as players for a famous Minnesota basketball team, but drafted as members of forced conscription thanks to a bill recently introduced into Congress by Senator Rangel from New York. The six imams were pulled off of US Airways Flight 300 and won an all expense paid trip to fight in the front lines of wars that will be fought all over the world by the newly formed “We’re Not Being Imperialist, We Really Care About You And Your Pet Turtles” Peace Corps. The imams received stunningly gorgeous orange jumper suits designed by Armani with matching designer head hoods that were specially made by Tommy Hilfiger.

Incredulous reporters had a hard time swallowing US Airway’s claim that they did not engage in racial profiling and queried whether the decision to take the imams off the flight had anything to do with a note that was written by a paranoid passenger. The passenger purportedly stood up after watching the Imams praying and shouted “I am sick and tired of these mother****ing Sheikhs on this mother****ing plane” and stormed to the front of the plane and handed a note to an air hostess. The note from a passenger read: “2-6 suspicious Arabic men on place. All were together, saying ‘. . . Allah . . . Allah . . .’ cursing U.S. involvement w/Saddam before flight. P.S. would you like to go on a date with me?” The air hostess responded by ejecting the passenger from the plane and into the nearby ocean, where he was promptly torn apart by man-eating sharks all the while yelling “They ate me! The ****ing sharks ate me!” Allegedly, the air hostess proceeded to inform the captain of the note who directed the men to be kept off the plane.

The spokesman for US Airways guffawed “Oh that little note! Well, we can’t deny that they were Arabics. These guys were clearly made up of 28 letters that perfectly represented guttural sounds and occasionally needed a fathah, kasrah, and dhamma for clarification . . . of course they were Arabic! And what’s up with this all this ‘Allah Allah Allah’?” I’m not trying to be a racist bigot, but that’s un-American. If the founding fathers wanted this country to worship Allah, they would’ve written it into the Bible. We’re not engaging in stereotypes of Muslims, we hate all Muslims equally! That’s why we kicked them off the plane . . . err . . . I mean they were so lucky to have won that raffle! Ha. Ha. . . .Crap.” Pausing in the middle of his response, he blinked twice, ran away from the podium, dived into a plane, flew off, and was never seen again.

The Imams themselves could not be reached for comment because their mouths were muffled by their designer head hoods.

New Line Cinema has made a deal with US airways to document the incident in a movie entitled “Shaikhs On a Plane.”


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