Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mox News needs you!

Who Should Be The Eidh Mascot?

Every religion has its fair share of symbols and personas. Christmas has Santa Clause, Hannukah is represented by a menorah, Easter has the Easter Bunny, and so on and so forth. If Eidh, the Muslim holiday, had a mascot, who would it be?

We've come up with three potential candidates for this position. Based on YOUR votes, we're going to pick an official Eidh mascot. The winner for this poll will be announced on Monday January 1st.

Send this post to your friends and family so they can vote too by sending them our permalink.

The mascot that receives the most votes will be featured in the upcoming film "Gandaghee 2."

Who should be this years Eidh Mascot?
A. Money Man
B. Three Hugs
C. Uncle Clause
D. Other (offer your suggestion in the article comment box)

Cast your vote for the Mox News Eidh Mascot 2006! Use your vote wisely as there can be only one!



Meraj said...

what about the obvious "scared for his life" goat?

saimah said...

I dont really like any. How about some aunty with a mustache.. and her "thing" is to hook people up with rishtas?

Jinnzaman said...

hmm, good suggestion meraj.

saimah, what does an aunty with a mustache have to do with eidh??? lol.

Anyhoot, but suggestions will be added. Now you must get your friends to vote either for the choices above, or the choices that you have just provided.

saimah said...

lol nothing. I just thought it was funny.. You know how desi aunties are always on the lookout for rishtas, well eid is the perfect time because young boys and girls look their best so thats when they like to catch their prey.